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The National Authorising Officer is the Minister of Planning & Economic Affairs and he represents all operations financed from the resources of the Fund managed by the commission and the Bank. The National Authorising Officer shall:

•    In close cooperation with the Head of Delegation be responsible for the preparation, submission and appraisal of projects and programmes;

•    In close cooperation with the Head of Delegation, issue invitations for local open tender and receive tenders, both local and international (open and restricted), preside over the examination of tenders, establish the results of this examination, sign contracts and riders thereto and approve expenditure

•    Submit, before issuing local open invitations to tender, the invitation to tender dossier to the head of Delegation who shall give his agreement within 30 days.

•    Complete the evaluation of tenders within the tender validity period taking into consideration the period required for the approval of contracts

•    Transmit the results of the examination of and a proposal for placing the contract to the Head of Delegation for his approval

•    Clear and authorise expenditure within the limits of the fund funds assigned to him; and

•    During the execution operations, make any adaptation arrangements necessary to ensure the proper execution of approved projects or programmes from the economic and technical view point

The National Authorising Officer shall, during the execution of operations and subject to the requirement to inform the Head of EU Delegation, decide on:

•    Technical adjustments and alterations in matters of detail so long as they do not affect the technical solution adopted and remain within the limits of the reserve for adjustments;

•    Alternations to estimates during execution;

•    Transfers from item to item within estimates;

•    Changes of site for multiple-unit projects or programmes where justified on technical, economic and social grounds;

•    Imposition or remission of penalties for delay;

•    Acts discharging guarantors;

•    Purchase of goods, irrespective of their origin on the local market;

•    Use of construction equipment and machinery not originating in the Member States or ACP States provided there is no production of comparable equipment and machinery in the Member States or ACP States;

•    Sub contracting;

•    Final acceptance, provided that the Head of Delegation is present at provisional acceptance, endorses the corresponding minutes and, where appropriate, is present at the final acceptance, in particular where the extent of the reservations recorded at the provisional acceptance necessitates major additional work; and

•      Hiring of consultants and other technical assistance experts.

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