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Liberia Hosts 9th ROAC - FED Meeting In Monrovia: Jan. 16 - 18, 2019


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The Liberian Government through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning {MFDP}, hosted the 9th Regional Meeting of the Network of National Authorizing Officers Support Units in West Africa of the European Development Fund, to ensure European Union’s aid is effective in promoting and supporting the national and regional bodies in achieving their growth through exchanging ideas and solving problems.

According to an MFDP release, the 9th ROAC – FED Meeting will create the platform for the Network of National Authorizing Officers of the European Development Fund {EDF} Support Units within the ECOWAS region to exchange knowledge, experiences and deliberate on issues arising from the implementation of the EDF projects.

The regional meeting is an informative way to promote corporation and strengthen the national and regional bodies in enhancing development and thus alleviating poverty.

The three days’ meetings which toke place at the Millennium Guest House, also intended to enable the participants gain an insight on the ongoing Post-Cotonou negotiation process, as well as to ensure that a strong platform is built for deeper corporation with the European Union.

The 9th ROAC-FED meeting in Monrovia, is a follow-up to the following meetings: Conakry - 2006, Bamako – 2008, Cotonou 2009, Ouagadougou – 2010, Abidjan – 2012, Nouakchott – 2013, Niamey 2015 and Banjul – 2017.

“This network is a framework of shared experiences and communications between West Africa National Authorizing Offices Network {NATO} or ROAC – FED of the European Development Fund. Their exchanges are based on each country’s experiences and challenges in order to improve the management of EDF resources and daily operation of each NATO. Concerning the management of the resources, the EDF funds are not fully absorbed or utilized and often returned due to poor understanding of procedures. Hence, this meeting was also intended to mutualise the different experiences, allow the follow up of each program’s fund and optimise the use of resources.

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