Financing Agreement No.: LR/ FED/024-183

Financing Agreement No.: LR/ FED/024-183

Financing Agreement Title: Build-up Capacity and preparedness of Ministry of Public Works

Overall Objective: Foster national integration and economic recovery by improving transportation and the sustainable provision of services.

Specific Objectives: A) The capacity of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) is established to tackle the presently most urgent issue, which is: 1) Sustainability of road maintenance. B) Preparation of the development of the coastal road corridor is improved by: 2) Availability of tender documents to rehabilitate the most critical sections; 3) State – of- the art routine road maintenance is carried out in Liberia – at least on a pilot section of significant length – and the contracting procedures selected are being tested for effectiveness in view extension to the entire network.

Signature Date: 23- November-2016

Duration of the Contract: 120 months