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Financing Agreement No.: LR/FED/030-831

Financing Agreement No.: LR/FED/030-831

Financing Agreement Title: Monrovia Consolidation of Electricity Transmission and Distribution

Over All Objective: To contribute to the recovery of the electricity sector in Liberia and to address challenges to sustainable energy security in order to provider the population in the Monrovia area with quality and least-cost energy supplies.

Signature Date: 08- February-2016

Duration of the Contract:  84 months

List of Contracts under FA:

  1. Monrovia Consolidation – Reinforcement and extension works work of distribution network inside and around Monrovia
  2. Institutional Capacity Building Technical Assistance to BERE –MLME-Support for the governance of the sector by creating an adequate institutional, legal, regulatory, technical and financial framework
  3. Identification of rural electrification projects: to serve as an initial input for the EU intervention in rural electrification and renewable energies development in Liberia.

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